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What is this service?
Webpeep is a small web utility that tries to show the technologies (web server, programming language, etc.) powering a web site.
Are the results accurate?
We deduce the results that we present by applying simple regular expressions to the content and the HTTP response headers so the results should be pretty accurate.
Can Webpeep be improved?
Webpeep is a work in progress so contact us if you think the results can be improved (for instance by adding other technologies to be detected).
How can the api be queried?
Te get results for site www.un.org, just call (see results):
The response will look like this (the structure should be self-explanatory):
  [{"url": "http://www.apache.org", "version": "", "type": "Web Server", "name": "Apache", "key": "apache"},
   {"url": "http://www.unix.org", "type": "Server", "name": "Unix", "key": "unix"},
   {"url": "http://www.google.com/analytics/", "type": "Analytics", "name": "Google Analytics", "key": "ga"}